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This morning as I took my drive to Lowe’s, this truck in front of me slammed on his brakes right in front of me. He was turning into our destination, I was next. He could’ve made it, easily. There was a car coming in the other direction and he could’ve easily turned into the Lowe’s parking lot, but instead, he slammed on his brakes at the last moment. So I slammed on mine and all of the books and water in my front seat flew into the floor.

I felt God say that when you slam on your brakes or get scared right before making the turn, making the transition, making the last decision before your destination, it affects/effects the people following you. Throws things around a bit and some have to clean up from your hault, your hesitation, your pause.

It’s not always easy to move forward, to make the turns and the transitions of life. Even if you’ve found your niche, your passion, your one thing or seven things that you love and you get this big opportunity to turn right into your destiny, it’s not always easy to just go for it. Sometimes brakes are slammed on right at the last minute and you look around like “am I sure this is it? This is the turn? This is the place I want to go?”

My mom use to always tell me to be conscious of the decisions you make make because you never know who is watching or who is following your lead.

When you slam on your brakes right before getting to the place you’ve been aiming for, it also holds up the people you’re leading. You have no idea what blessing you will lead for others.

I remember going to this church for the first time. There was this really tall guy in front of me so I couldn’t really see the band playing but I could hear them just fine. And then they started playing this one song and I heard a violin softly come in. The moment I heard it, goosebumps went up and down my whole body and tears flooded my eyes. I shifted my head and body around the tall man to try and find out who I was playing and the first thought I had when I saw this young girl was “thank you for saying yes”. I have no idea if her parents were star athletes and they wanted her to be a dancer but she wanted to be a musician. I have no idea if she practiced in secret or if she just started a year ago. All I know is, I was thankful for whatever hard thing she had to do to get there because it was SO magical.

There is magic in you. There is a “yes” in you. There is an against-all-odds kind of bend in you. Don’t slam on your brakes now. Keep going, keep fighting, keep building, keep working, keep doing the late nights and the “no”s to those things that don’t lead you anywhere. Keep finding your destination. Don’t brake now. Don’t quit now. Don’t give up now. Because some day, some where, some how, I guarantee you, someone in your “audience”, or someone trailing behind you that you didn’t even know was following you, will say “thank you for saying “yes”.

Keep going. Don’t brake/break now. Your destination/magic is a turn away.

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