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Searching for Talent?

Whatever your recruitment challenges, we will partner with you to find the talent that fits your short and long term needs.

Let’s start working together – today!

PRC Resources is a full-service Recruiting firm, focused on delivering candidates that fit your direct hire, short-term, and project based needs.


Four factors govern every search to fill company positions:

  1. Timeliness

  2. Company Resources

  3. Talent Abundance

  4. Talent Quality


Like our clients, we understand the urgency of getting it right the first time. PRC has built its reputation on relationships – and that starts by understanding our clients’ vision.


By understanding your vision, values, and current needs, we are able to construct a plan that focuses on solutions and sustainability.

We Find Talent

Executive Search

We are guided by our innate desire to serve our clients.


We believe our clients deserve leaders that inspire trust, loyalty, integrity, collaboration, and competence. 

Direct Recruiting

Matching quality talent with the values and culture of an organization is more than just selecting a candidate from a job board. With PRC, client's gain access to premier applicants for their open roles. 

Offboarding Services

We simplify the way organizations support their employees while they transition onto new opportunities, offering tailored solutions to showcase and position candidates, guiding them to a brighter future. 

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