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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

We deploy dynamic strategies to connect your organization with the talent you need. 

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Finding talented people that fit a company's value and culture is far from easy. It is a timely and costly process that can often strangle a company's resources.

At PRC Resources - Talent Placement and Recruiting are more than just fitting a candidate profile to a job listing.  We deploy dynamic strategies that simplify the complexities of filling the gaps within our clients' organizations in order to improve their workforce with the strengths and talents they need.

We are no stranger to complex roles or industries and take pride in our comprehensive approach to solving our clients' hiring needs. 

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What we do:

What We Do:

Our goal is to match the candidate’s passions, values, skills, and personality to the needs of our clients through our 9-step success model.

Our search strategy is customized for each project, utilizing our knowledge of the marketplace, extensive networks, and in-depth research to find candidates. We post to multiple job boards and social media outlets, directly reach out to passive candidates, and engage through industry associations.

We listen to our clients to determine their hiring needs, playback this understanding along with tailored recommendations, and acquire the qualified talent that accelerates their organization through an integrative 9-step recruiting approach.

If your organization is searching for qualified talent, let PRC be the partner that helps fill the gaps. Let's start the discussions today!

Why Us?

Why Us?

PRC provides an array of dedicated and focused hiring solutions that make building your organization effortless. 

Recruiting is not a simple transaction at PRC. Rather it is an invested effort that has lasting impacts on our clients' operational health and efficacy.

We've worked for companies that see clients and candidates as numbers with the bottom line determining their efforts and frankly, that is not how we do business. We see our clients as time-honored partners deserving of dedicated services to fulfill their most complex hiring decisions.

Offering a series of contingency options and recruiting services, we make it easy to choose the best solution for your organization. Whether it be simply hiring one candidate or building out an entire department, PRC can get it done. 




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Who We Are:

Who We Are:

We know talent and are not bound by industry silos. We facilitate growth for our clients by providing quality candidates. 

Since our inception, we have been recruiting qualified talent for our clients with a mission to provide transparent and reliable recruiting methods that improve our clients' organization.

No matter the size, industry, or complexity - we take pride in our ability to strategically approach any hiring opportunity and provide methodical solutions for selecting the best candidate.

Let us help you with your hiring challenges and take some of the load off your shoulders. Schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you today! 

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